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Amendment- Chapter 2 APOSTC Administrative Code -







The following is a summary of the amendments. For complete information, please read the entire text of Chapter two (2) in the APOSTC Administrative Code.


On May 21, 2014 The Alabama Peace Officers' Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC) officially adopted changes to Chapter 650-X-2 of the APOSTC Administrative Code. The amendment is adopted in order satisfy the mandatory requirements listed in Title 36-21-46,  Code of Alabama, 1975 and to comply with ACT Number 2014-245 and ACT number 2014-292 which were adopted during the 2014 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature.  The amendment also clarifies other requirements relating to the employment and/or appointment of law enforcement.

This amendment defines a “valid High School diploma”. It also clarifies other acceptable documents which satisfy the education requirement including a GED and a college degree. Basically, all High School Diplomas and other documents currently accepted for meeting the Education Requirements are still accepted. The amendment allows for previously unacceptable diplomas to be accepted provided the applicant meets the requirement of an ACT score of 18 or higher.

The amendment establishes a new requirement that all applicants for training and certification as a law enforcement officer take and pass a “Law Enforcement Basic Ability Test” (BAT) approved by the Commission. NOTE: The BAT is currently in development in conjunction with Auburn University at Montgomery and should be ready in the near future. Once the BAT is completed, APOST will announce the effective date when applicants must take the BAT before attending the academy for certification.

As noted in the first paragraph, the Rule on Character listed in the Administrative Code is amended to comply with Act Number 2014-292.  This amendment relates to the expungement of arrest records for applicants for employment and/or certification as law enforcement officers.

Again, please note, that except for the requirement relating to the BAT, all other requirements are effective June 20, 2014.



ALERRT Active Shooter Training -



The ALERRT Active Shooter training program is recognized and adopted by APOST as first responder training for Alabama law enforcement officers. This program is required training in both the Basic law enforcement and the Lateral/Refresher Academy training programs.

APOST highly recommends the ALERRT Active Shooter training for all certified officers and has helped provide this training to law enforcement for several years.  Currently, there is no APOST requirement mandating this training for all certified officers.

The Commission is however currently considering a request from the Alabama Secretary of Law Enforcement to make this required training for those certified officers who have not yet received it. This matter will be considered at the next APOST Commission meeting in late April or May.





On June 19, 2013 the Alabama Peace Officers' Standards and Training Commission officially adopted changes to the law enforcement training curriculum.  The Basic Training Curriculum has increased from 480 to 520 hours and the Lateral Entry Equivalency / Law Enforcement Officer Refresher Course has increased from 80 to 95 hours.   


JANUARY 01, 2014


Click Here to view the 2014 Curriculum 


Alabama Immigration Law (Act 2011-535) Required Training -



On November 8, 2011 the Alabama Peace Officers' Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC) officially adopted the "Alabama Law Enforcement's Role In Immigration, Act 2011-535" training program for Alabama Law Enforcement Officers. 

In the same action, the Commission voted unanimously that this four (4) hour block of instruction is required continuing education training for all certified Alabama law enforcement officers who are employed and/or appointed.

This training program is approved for four (4) hours of Continuing Education credit for all Law Enforcement Officers.  It is also approved for four (4) hours of Executive Level Continuing Education credit for Chiefs of Police.  This block of instruction is being included in the basic academy curriculum for recruit officer training.

All agencies are reminded that the Alabama Immigration law, Act 2011-535, is in litigation in State and Federal Court and is subject to future court rulings.  All agencies are reminded to continuously monitor these Court proceedings for Rulings which may affect the status of this law.  Questions concerning the status of these proceedings should be directed to your legal advisors.  APOSTC will share with you any information we receive concerning this matter.



The Staff of the Alabama Peace Officers Standards & Training Commission will be conducting a 4-hour training course that will cover the Law Enforcement Officer Certification Package, CEUs, firearms & general questions. It is recommended for your Human Resource personnel,or staff members that handle the APOSTC application process, EPOST, etc.


This training is approved for four (4) hours of Executive Level CEUs & Officer CEUs. 

Training Opportunites (Limited Slots Available)
Date Time Location Contact




To report any concerns or problems with ePOST please call 334 242-4045 or e-mail us at epost@apostc.alabama.gov.



In an effort to properly service all agencies across the state, APOST is requesting a strict adherence to the deadline for academy application submissions.

Academy applications MUST be submitted to APOST, no later than,


This includes the electronic application, paper application and all supporting documents.Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Application Submission Procedure ALERT -


APOSTC can only work on applications that have been properly submitted online through our ePOST and AELECTS system.  As a reminder to the agencies, after your Paper Documents check, you must click Save Statuses on screen.  You will then go to the Change App Status screen and Submit to Apost for further processing.  At that point, if completed properly, the applicant's status will reflect APOST ACTIONS.  Please visit the View/Select Applicant screen to check the most current status of your agency's applicants.  If the applicant's status reflects anything other than APOST ACTIONS, it is NOT submitted to APOSTC and is NOT ready for our office to work on the application.   


Forms Online -

The APOSTC Document Repository is online. Documents Post-1 through Post-10 can be found here as well as Continuing Education Credit Applications and Information Request forms.

The forms contained on this page are PDF images.  Please do not attempt to type onto these pages displayed on your screen.  The forms are there for your agency to print on demand, as needed.  Again, it is not possible to type on these pages, PRINT ONLY.  The information contained on these forms must be input into the AELECTS system. 


Officer Demographic Information Audit -

Please correct and update ALL demographic information, i.e. height, weight, etc., for each of the officers assigned to your agency.  Please keep in mind that every blank must be filled in order to submit changes to the form.  Also, the HEIGHT blank must have an entry in inches.  For example, an officer is 5'10" you would enter in the height of 70 inches into the HEIGHT blank. 

Please check each record for accuracy on your list of officers and make any necessary entries to employment history.


Email address for general questions -

For general APOSTC questions regarding policy, certifications and related matters, please use the email address apostc@apostc.alabama.gov.  You may also call our main number 334-242-4045. 


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